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We offer a convenient and hassle-free way of Investing in the Indian Securities Market to NRIs who wish to participate in the Indian Growth story. We guide our NRI clients at every step of their investment needs so that they have complete peace of mind about their investments in India. Our capability to analyze relevant information in market trends, relevant data and the best-in-class investment products plays an important role in assisting our NRI clients in making a right decision. Our experience of capital markets & retail financial services makes us a reliable NRI investment solutions company. Our products, services and technology help facilitate an excellent investment experience. 

Why should an NRI invest in India?

  • India's economy is sizzling and is one of the fastest growing in the world
  • Well developed banking system
  • Vibrant capital market. (National Stock Exchange: third largest, Bombay Stock Exchange: 5th largest in terms of number of trades)
  • India is rated as the most attractive destination for offshore business processing by global consultancy firms
  • India amongst the leading entrepreneurial hotbeds globally
  • Indian policies fully compatible with World Trade Organization
  • Young working population, with changing lifestyle. High local consumption.

Above all these, India is like a tax haven when it comes to investing in equity. The following are the four tax benefits that all investors, NRIs or Residents enjoy on their equity investment:

  • a. Long-term capital gains are tax-free
  • b. Short-term capital gains are taxed at the concessional rate of 10%.
  • c. Dividend is tax-free, however subject to a dividend distribution tax @15%
  • d. The capital is repatriable if the original investment was made through forex remitted from abroad or through NRE accounts.

If directly investing in the market is not your cup of tea, then Mutual Funds provide a very attractive alternative. These while broadly delivering the advantages of the equity market also obviate the pitfalls associated with it. 

Service Offered (Non Resident Indians)

Our core competency lies in mutual fund advisory & Reality Services for our NRI Clients. We follow Need based advisory model after assessing the risk profile and investment objective.

How NRI strategy would work

  • 1. Investor opens an NRE account with the funds repatriated into India.
  • 2. Investor defines his investment goals.
  • 3. We design a mutual fund portfolio based on invest objectives.
  • 4. Investor can give mandate letter making Mr. x mandate holder to implement strategy without the loss of time and investor intervention or Investor can make one of his known persons mandate holder who can execute documents and sign cheques on his behalf.

We monitor the performance and progress of portfolio on continuous basis and refine strategy if required and carry out portfolio rebalancing.  We provide regular update of the portfolio to the investor. Investment in stocks and mutual funds is subject to market risks. Investors should read the offer documents carefully before investing.

Online Investment

Online Valuation Reporting

From any corner of the globe, you can view status of your India specific investments with just a click of the mouse through our online valuation reporting module. As an investor we all invest in different avenues but keeping track of these investments is a challenging task. Our online valuation reporting system is designed by keeping this specific requirement in mind. Through our online reporting system you can get detail of all your India specific investments at just click of the mouse.

Online Mutual Fund Transaction

Our strong technological platform allows you to transact online for your mutual fund investments. If you want to invest or redeem or switch between schemes, all transactions can be done online. Our online investment platform enables you to transact with complete safety and without any compromise on privacy. We have strict privacy norms & practices in place to protect customer information. Utmost care is taken to secure your Logon Information and other transaction details. 

Unbiased Scientific Advisory Service

We strongly believe that asset allocation is the single most important factor, which determines portfolio return, and we rigorously follow this principle while advising our clients. Our system driven approach allows us to track asset allocation of our clients on a regular basis and our advisory is strictly based on decided asset allocation of our clients.  


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